Steven Universe and systematic trauma

I'm re-watching Steven Universe again, and as usual it's led me to think about some of the really interesting elements of the show as they apply to real life.

So, gem society seems to me to be an obvious way to talk about a heritage of destruction and colonialism without outright saying "white people have done horrible things pretty much every time they got the chance over the last thousand years" on a children's show.  

But there's another way that I only just noticed gem society maps to the West: systematic trauma.

Every gem depicted anywhere in Steven Universe is at least a little bit signaled to have serious emotional baggage. A major element of origin for this trauma is the gems' class system, which is reliant on a mythology of role fitness that is self-evidently false based on the examples depicted.

This maps to the systematic traumatization created by capitalism, the industrial education system, and modernist western social roles.

I need to start working on writing this catalogue of essays I have in my head about Steven Universe.