Composting toilets are terrifying (Content warning for obvious content)

The new building on campus at Hampshire, the Kearn Center, has composting toilets -- rather than flushing into a sewage system, they're just open holes into a composter. 

There are a lot of fantastic things about that, they're a very good idea environmentally.

But have you ever dropped your phone into the toilet? Or your glasses? Or literally any object? It's a gross experience no matter what, but you can get your phone out and wash it off and after a few days the impression of grossness fades.

If you drop something into a compost toilet, I don't know what happens. There are two possibilities: 1, it's gone. Forever. You aren't getting it back. Or 2, you have to go find out who's responsible for the compost, and get them to (a.) let you in or (b.) get it for you, then you get your object back from a far, far more disgusting mess, after much much more time.

Whatever the actual process is following that event, the fact is that compost toilets are a whole new kind of lovecraftian void that regular toilets could never really approach.

Composting toilets are terrifying (Content warning for obvious content):