Variable Frame Rate Footage is a thing

The thing about being self-taught in media software is that there are problems that crop up that you just don't even really know are solvable. 

One of those problems is that the video I get off my webcam or my phone never sync up in Adobe Premiere. This is super frustrating, because I can't really afford to budget for Adobe Creative Suite and a nice camera.

So, I watch a lot of really competent media people who make videos where they just talk about stuff. Some of the people I've been listening to are Matt Gray and Tom Scott, just because (a.) they're interesting and funny, and (b.) sometimes they say stuff like this, about suggesting Adobe Creative Suite for amateur or aspiring vloggers:

With the caveat that adobe premiere does not handle variable frame rate footage. And I have sen friend after friend of mine go "Why is video and audio stepping out of sync in this really fancy, expensive editing software?" It's because it's not designed for footage from this thing, it's designed for pro footage.

It turns out there's a program called HandBrake, an open source app that basically solves this problem. I had to do a bit of googling, since they didn't give the answer in the video, but there's just an immense difference between not knowing something can be done and not knowing how to do something.