loud kids

I can't wait to get back to school.

Work took a long time today. like, it just felt really long. And there was a lot I wanted to do, as soon as I got home. My room is currently not really set up to be able to handle long work sessions, so I went downstairs.

I set up in the corner of the dining room, but the kids were fighting loudly at the counter. So I moved into the living room, not long after which one of the kids came in, and the other followed to pick a fight. But that was less horrible. What was really bad was when the baby woke up and the kids decided to play with it by chasing it around the house and making it shriek. They were shrieking too.

Like, I know kids play. I know they're loud. I don't blame them. But it's so, so draining to try and focus on work while my ears are being repeatedly assaulted by sharp, stinging shrieks.

I'm about to pass out right now, because the tensed up ball of energy I had going for me earlier has now dissipated into a puddle.