folkesy wisdom sucks

I'm watching Stranger Things today, and there was one line that just really rubbed me the wrong way. It's mostly an awesome show, but I want to take a minute to complain about it.

Spoilers for the development of character relationships up to and including episode 6, but not for any of the plot.

So one character beat up another character and punched a cop, after the latter character told him that he, his mother, his father (who is barely involved in his kids' lives and is an asshole) and his little brother (who has been missing for several days) are worthless people.

Then, at the police station, an old woman tells another major character that the dude who got arrested for punching a cop is in love with her -- because "Nothing but love makes someone act that crazy, or that stupid."

And it is 100 percent uncritically set up to be validated by the show. There is nothing about that line that could remotely be read as being a mockery of that kind of shit: these two are 100 percent getting together, it is foretold by this old woman at the police station.

But, like, this dude was given absolutely perfect motivation to beat the shit out of that other dude, and there wasn't even really anything in the scene that suggested it was anything about the girl that set him off. There is no actual justification in this structure for these two to be in love. Friends? Sure. But in love? It's just straight people storytelling: a boy and a girl spend a lot of time together. They MUST ROMANTICALLY ENTANGLE.

Fucking straight bullshit. NancyxBarb OTP