yeah the olympics should definitely have more sports

I just watched Hank Green's "16 Sports that Should Be in the Olympics" and I emphatically agree. In fact, it hadn't really occurred to me before now, but there's no good reason at all why the Olympics shouldn't have absolutely as many sports as they can possibly cram into it. There should be nothing that doesn't count. The credibility isn't going to be hurt, since people already take Olympic medals only as seriously as they take the sport they're attached to, and since there's nothing a person can't be so good at that they deserve a medal.* And if you're thoughtful about it you could probably double the number of sports in the Olympics without significantly increasing the cost of putting it on. I mean, it's already an event that involves building entire stadiums every four years. How hard could it be to, like, add a computer lab and let more than one group of people use the table tennis courts?

*With the obvious exception of morally horrible things.