Shoes :/

I ordered new shoes a couple days ago, they should be arriving tomorrow. Buying shoes is one of the most frustrating things I have to do regularly, and I usually put it off until my shoes are literally falling to shreds.

Here are the things that suck about shoe buying:

Virtually all shoes are gendered. Even the sizing system is bifurcated into men's and women's sizes, for fucking no reason. Buying shoes usually requires me to misgender myself.

Shoes online vary massively in price by size and color, so if I find a pair I really like for $20, I might discover that the 10.5 size versions are $60.

I don't want to buy leather clothes, and most of the shoes I can find are made partly or entirely of leather. The major exception to this is sneakers.

Most sneakers have massive, gross brand logos plastered across the side, which makes me super uncomfortable.

Usually by the time I get to something that could theoretically work, after all this, I don't want to buy it out of spite. So that's why I've been wearing shoes that have had three-inch separations between the soles and the tops since January.