"Love Like You" in yesterday's Steven Universe

Copied from my Tumblr:

In the new episode of Steven Universe, my favorite verse from “Love Like You” played for the first time ever on the actual show. So, I immediately started pausing and rewinding to copy down the exact overlay of dialogue to lines of the song.

Rebecca Sugar has said that the song is about everyone in the show, that it deals with fundamental themes that are present in every relationship here. In this case, I think it makes the most sense as being sung as if from the perspective of Rose Quartz, and the dissonance between her self-concept, and the actions that inform it, and the way she knows other people see her – and wants other people to see her. 

There’s so much more I could say about this song, but also I don’t want to do all that writing right now.

Putting the dialogue behind a Read More because it’s, like, a hardcore spoilery conversation that’s happening.

Steven: How come nobody told me about Pink Diamond?
Rebecca:  ♪ ♫

Garnet: We all did what we had to during the war. Everything’s different now.
R: ♪ ♫

S: But did mom really do it? Did she really shatter her?
R: ♪ ♫

G: She had to. The earth belonged to Pink Diamond.
R: ♪ I always thought I might be bad ♫

G: Destroying her was the only way to save the planet.
R: ♪ Now I’m sure that it’s true ♫

G: For Amethyst to be herself, for Pearl to be free,
R: ♪ ‘Cause I think you’re so good ♫

G: For me to be together, for you to exist.
R: ♪  And I’m nothing like you. Look at you go, ♫

S: But I thought that at least she’d never
R: ♪  I just adore you, I wish ♫

G: She didn’t always do what was best for her,
R: ♪ That I knew ♫

G: … 
R: ♪ What makes you ♫

G: But she always did what was best for Earth.
R: ♪ Think I’m so spe – ♫

S: Even if
R:  ♪ – cial ♫

S: it meant shattering someone?
R:  ♪ ♫

G: Yes.
R: ♪ ♫

S: Thanks for telling me.
R: ♪ ♫