Tom Scott is fun to watch. Also, I'm learning AutoHotKey

I've been binge-watching Tom Scott videos over the past few days, because I ran out of computerfile videos starring him and not all the other hosts are quite as engaging. (Some of the other hosts are, and in the cases in which they have their own YouTube channels, I've done the same thing. The only one that's jumping to mind is Matt Parker from Numberphile and StandUpMaths, though.)

This one is a particularly cool one, and is the reason I've started trying to learn how to use AutoHotKey. So far, my accomplishments include failing to build a better zoom function for Adobe InDesign, which lacks both the extremely convenient scrubby zoom of Photoshop and the less convenient but still fewer clicks on a tablet zoom dropdown menu at the bottom of Ilustrator. (Other Adobe products with awkward zoom functionality: Premiere, Audition. Other Adobe products with great zoom: lol jk.)

I'm really excited about AutoHotKey -- it can run regular expressions, do text replacement, and a whole bunch of other tiny things that are just, like, the stuff that I wish I could do more often all over my computer, that would make my life easier.

I worry that pretty soon my computer is going to be completely alien to anyone else, and that other computers are going to be mind-warpingly slow to use, because they won't be hyper-customized the way mine will be if I get the hang of this.