Late Post, Halfway Readercon thoughts

I have been so busy today, I literally haven't had time at my computer. I need to get sleep before tomorrow but here are some quick thoughts about the panels I've been on so far:

Bees!: This panel was great! It was my first ever and I was so into it. UNFORTUNATELY I forgot my notebook in my room, so I don't have any of the citations that accumulated during the panel -- and there were a ton.

Fantastical Dystopia: We mostly talked about the definition of dystopia, about which everyone on the panel had different opinions. My position coming out is that we need a more detailed and diverse language for describing states in literature.

Horror novels of Terry Pratchett: This was also great. I really enjoyed talking about the difference between scene trappings and emotions, and I have a big list of authors (that I'll post later) that may be accomplishing similar things, and that I'll be looking into.