I've been tired lately. 

And, I mean, I've been tired all summer. I've been doing poorly staying hydrated and I've been doing poorly taking my medications on time. My bed at home isn't as comfortable as my bed at school and nothing quite motivates me to go to bed at a consistent hour here as at school.

I also recently started a new medication, and I've been working a lot, and there are just so many possible causes that I don't know how to evaluate my wellbeing under these circumstances. I can barely write: blogging has been a lot more laboreous than it is when I'm well. There's enough else to do that whenever I have a burst of inspiration or energy I immediately pour it into the queue of tasks waiting for my attention. I wonder if annihilating my energy reserves every time they show up is a bad strategy? I might be killing the seeds of future energy every time. (Note to self for future work: "this metaphor coheres" is not equal to "This metaphor applies")