Goddamn patient portal for my new goddamn doctor

I'm attempting to update my gender on my new doctor's office's health portal, and it's being frustrating. I changed it from "male" to "unspecified" (one of the three options) in my profile, but it didn't update it as part of my basic health info on the front page. 

You know how people argue all the time that gender is essential on medical forms because "doctors need that information?" Well. When I signed up for this medical group, I asked if they had any doctors specifically with experience in gender dysphoria treatment. Y'know, in the hope of getting a doctor who wouldn't be constantly triggering my gender dysphoria. In hopes of not having to explain gender theory 101 to a medical professional.

They did. This group has a doctor who specifically has experience dealing with complexities of gender, and I'm assigned to him. So I think providing more detail to my gender here is, like, super fucking relevant, right? But that appears not to be available. 

There are three pieces of information about me on the front page of this fucking portal. Not my name, not my doctor's name, not my address or illnesses or anything like that. Nope. It's my age, my gender assignment leftover from birth, and my insurance company.

Fucking gender is such fucking shitty bullshit fuck.