Short day, long day

Today was my first whole day off since Readercon. I woke up at noon, spent the next three hours in bed drinking water and eating mealsquares while playing a stupid fucking app I downloaded a few days ago called "Best Fiends," took a shower, went back to bed, then went downstairs to catch up on my bullet journal, which I haven't been using since last Wednesday. 

As soon as I got stuff down on that list, I started getting stuff done, because that's what's so great about lists -- all of a sudden the mental energy I was using to hold a list of things in my head to worry about was free, and I could spend it doing those things. 

Still more than half of the list is to-be-done. For example, there's a game I'm doing graphic design for that I'm like two weeks behind on. And I need to clean my bedroom, it's super depressing right now.

Today wasn't the  work-packed day I wanted it to be, but I feel like I've at least got the wheels back on the cart and I'm moving again.