Post Readercon Post

My last panel, I feel, went very well. It was on Science Fiction and Fantasy Fashion.

Overall, though: holy crap this was one of the best weekends of my life. 

The only bad thing I can think of about the entire weekend was that my debit card got rejected at McDonalds on the drive home, because the hotel was still holding the security deposit money.

This has been immensely gratifying, both because it's been a major life goal for the past several years, and because it went so well that I feel like I'm equipped to start thinking up even bigger life goals (because there are dots to connect between here and "Win a Hugo.") 

Next up on my list is to apply to be a panelist at the other Boston conventions, Arisia and Boskone, which are in January and February next year. (I can't remember which is when.) I will keep y'all updated about how that goes.