Channel Criswell's "Apocalypse Now" analysis

Spoiler and content warning: this is a detailed analysis of a movie about the horrors of war. 

I haven't actually seen Apocalypse Now, but I really enjoyed watching this analysis, which approaches the movie from a spiritual thematic perspective.

Criswell, the creator of this video, is currently being sued by, I believe, Stanley Kubrick's estate, for use of clips in one of his videos. As far as I can tell, it's a bullshit lawsuit based on a refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of YouTube videos as educational or critical, but even winning this lawsuit could ruin him. (I don't know much about Criswell aside from some of his videos, and he trips some red flags that make me extra-vigilant for examples of him being a huge asshole, but either way this lawsuit is scary on an internet freedoms level.)