I can't find this one damn interview

Several years ago I spent a bunch of my time online binging Cory Doctorow interviews, and I didn't do any particular documenting of those binges. For the most part, that hasn't been a significant problem. But there's one interview that I really want to double-check and quote, and I just goddamn can't find it.

I think it was filmed at his office in London, but I'm not sure. It was put together by an organization that seemed to have done a lot of that kind of interview. It was segmented into like 5 to 10 different videos, and each one had the same clips from the interview for intro and outro material, which leads me to believe that it was aired on TV -- it was the kind of annoying repetition you'd see on the History Channel.

In the interview, he talked about why he thought fiction was an effective activist tool. I haven't been able to find records of him saying quite the same thing anywhere else.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, and you have a link, please get in touch.