Update on the bedroom (mainly about a stool)

The organization project for my new bedroom is going pretty well. Today I turned an old tacklebox into a massive collection of assorted-tiny-things and turned the bookshelf next to my bed into a queue for papers to process once I have my desk clear.

I'm using my desk as temporary storage, which is the best use for it until next week, when the stool I ordered on Amazon shows up. I'm excited for that stool -- it's just a plain wooden stool, that's pretty comfortable-looking, is high off the ground and doesn't have a back.

I tend to disagree with most people about the best possible kind of chair. It seems really weird to me, but most people just seem to always want fluffy, comfortable chairs they can sink into.

To me, those kinds of chairs are useless, when I want to get anything done. For a desk chair -- especially one that's going to be in the same place where I also sleep -- I want it to be stiff and unsupportive enough that if I fall asleep on it I'll fall off and hurt myself.

Plus, this stool will fit entirely under the desk when I'm not using it, which will be awesome because there's nearly less than zero free space in this room and having a chair at my desk would make it difficult-to-impossible to comfortably walk from the door to the closet.