Vertigo (the medical condition, not the movie)

So, my vertigo is coming back.

Last summer, and again last winter while I was home on break, I suffered from repeated, severe bouts of vertigo, getting to the point where it was almost every night. 

Monday, I had one of those bouts again. I spent 5 and a half hours in the bathroom, mostly sleeping on the floor because I couldn't stand up.

One of my modmates got me a box of meclizine, a motion sickness medicine, which was recommended to me last time I talked to a health professional about this. I think it's working. I took some that night, and I took some last night. I woke up with vertigo this morning, and took some, and it didn't keep escalating. 

Unfortunately, it takes about an hour to kick in, and only lasts about 8 hours. I've already gone through the whole first pack, which came with 8 pills, or 4 doses. 

I really need to see an ear specialist medical practitioner when I get back home.