Fantasies of alienating uniformity


Right now, the hot water isn't working in my mod. I haven't taken a shower in a few days and for reasons as much emotional as hygienic I really need to wash. I have no recourse in this situation. I'm angry, and I'm stewing.

As often happens when I'm pissed off about an immediate problem, my mind constructed an elaborate fantasy of a world in which this issue cannot exist. The consequences of that are pictured above.

This is part of a floor plan for a high-up floor in a hypothetical building. on the left, there's a coworking space, conference room, and outer hallway. Additional rooms off of that hall, on the other side, could include storage, private offices, restrooms, etc. 

On the right, there's another hallway, separated from the public one by key card locked doors, leading to large, comfortable one-bedroom apartments. Specifically: MY large one-bedroom apartment. 

It's in the core of the building, several layers away from windows, so it can be pretty much perfectly temperature controlled by internal systems, regardless of the weather. Many of the lights would be sunlight lamps, to prevent depression. All of them would be controllable, like Phillips Hue lights. Theyd be elaborately programmed to maintain a complex lightscape in my space. 

One of the rooms on the outer rim would be a gym, where I could go for exercise. Many people, both living in and from outside the tower, would use the gym, coworking space, and other facilities. I wouldn't be isolated from human contact, even if I spent a solid year without leaving that floor. 

In reality this is probably a horrible idea. Systematized environments at this scale are massively vulnerable and magnify small shortcomings exponentially. But I'm cold, and uncomfortable, and it's hard to think of anything but a world in which my present discomfort would be simply impossible.