So, last week the hot water was broken in my mod. It's been fixed since then, but today the heat is gone. As the end of the semester approaches I find more things to be annoyed about by Greenwich mods every day. 

As I write this I can hear two voices loudly discussing having broken something. They don't sound angry, they just sound drunk. I know that there is likely no room on campus where I could hope to avoid hearing neighbors through the walls. I'm probably unlikely to find that at any point in my life; eventually maybe I'll get lucky and have quiet neighbors, or thick walls.

I hate the shape of my room. It's a quadrangle: imagine a right triangle with one of the non-90-degree tips clipped and a door stuck on it. The space is unwieldy. Things like desks and chairs fit wrong, and the result is that there's drastically less usable space in the room.

I slept most of today. I have no focus.