Finished Daredevil season 2

Overall review: Bad. Details below the fold.

Oh my god I hate Matt Murdock so much this season, and I'm so pissed about how the writers decided to pace several of these arcs. You know what I would have been okay with? Matt wrecking the firm midseason and pulling things together by the end. You know what I'm not okay with? Watching a whole goddamn season next year of Nelson and Murdock trying to be a firm again, which is definitely what's going to happen.

You know what else I'm pissed about? Karen. I've wanted Matt to tell Karen he's Daredevil all goddamn season. It pisses me off so much that they had him do it in the last freaking scene, and cut away before she reacted. 

This is worse than if he hadn't told her at all, because I'm pretty sure I would have just been done with the show if he hadn't, and now I'm gonna spend another whole year anticipating the first fucking scene, and odds are they'll go like two episodes before they flash back to what happened that night.

At least he fucking said "I'm Daredevil." I'd be so mad if it got there and she was like "Where did you get that mask? Nevermind I don't want to know" and stormed out. Which would be super realistic, because why would she think the most likely interpretation is that her blind coworker and ex lover was secretly a superninja? Unless she gives him the chance to explain his abilities there's no way she believes that he's Daredevil, and just standing there holding the mask might not be enough to get her to actually ask.

Augh I'm so mad. And Elektra's not even really dead? What the fuck. I'll be furious if the romance arc next season is a love triangle between Matt, Karen and Elektra again.