Daredevil is not impressing me with romance this season

I'm about six (?) episodes into the new season of Daredevil, and Let Me Tell You I am not having any of these ships. (Spoilers, but not like for real spoilers? because I haven't finished the season. Anyway, I'm gonna put a read more in here.)

I really hate the Matt/Karen ship. And I'm pretty sure it's over, because nobody would forgive Matt for the way he's behaved so far, but just in case it comes back I want to be on the record as hating this ship. 

Like, first of all, it's unacceptable how long Matt has gone without telling Karen that he's Daredevil. Secondly the Karen/Foggy ship was great, and I don't know why they didn't run with that. It was obviously the correct answer. Third, Karen does not deserve Matt's bullshit. 

I also hate the Matt/Elektra ship, because it's just awful. She's awful. He's awful. They're both awful and I want it to stop because I liked this show better when Matt was only mostly an asshole.

The only tolerable ship in this show is Matt and Claire, and I 100 percent do not blame Claire for GTFOing that possibility.

So... that's been my experience of catching up on Daredevil. Everything is terrible.