I watched a ton of InDesign videos today

I spent a huge amount of time today watching the Linda.com playlist on YouTube called "InDesign Secrets," which may not have been the best possible use of that time. (I slept through at least four videos. So, I guess, getting some sleep was good.)

There was a ton of stuff that I wouldn't have known how to do, but virtually none of it directly applied to anything I work on. Instead, what I got from it was a lot of peripheral insight into features that I could get better use out of. I don't think I'm ever going to use the Drop Words workaround detailed in video 5 of that playlist, but I have no doubt that I'll find a use for object anchoring at some point, and I have a better idea now of how to relate paragraph and character styles.

(This is leading into a train of thought about accessibility of professional tools and the evolution of punk aesthetics but I don't have the time or energy to develop that thought right now, and besides it'd probably be better on Watsons-Solarpunk than here. So, look forward to that, hopefully, soon.)