college tips page: coming soon?

I'm a first-gen college student. As a result, there are a lot of things (like, TONS of things) that most people seem to just already know about college, that I had no idea about. There are also a lot of things that are just hard to figure out that I think everyone struggles with. And since new college students are a basically infinite resource, tips on how to handle things in college might be a really helpful page to put together. 

The thing I'm working on figuring out right now is dealing with PDFs for readings: right now almost all my classes assign 30 or so pages per class of PDFs that are just scanned spreads from books, which is incredibly annoying to read on screen -- either I have to zoom out far enough to make the text annoying to read, or zoom in far enough that I have to scroll up and down multiple times per page. These minor inconveniences build up to a huge amount of cognitive friction over the course of 100-ish pages a week.

I'm trying to figure out an easy way to take those PDFs and hack each page into two pages, split down the middle and correctly stacked.

So far this strategy looks like it'll work if I manually crop every page so that the split is actually in the middle of the image. I'm gonna try that and see if it's a huge pain in the ass, or just a minor one. If it works, I might do a write-up about it.