Learned lots of new things about InDesign

I spent a huge chunk of free time today, instead of doing readings that I'm now attempting to cram in so I can go to bed, messing around with layouts for a card game that a friend of mine made in InDesign. 

Mainly what I was doing was taking the basic setup from the last draft of the game and attempting to re-create it using the tools InDesign contains for doing that kind of repetitive work, so that next time I want to change something I don't have to do it on each of 80 different copies of the same object.

In doing so I've been able to apply skills I've learned lately (like efficient use of paragraph and character styles, and how to install fonts on TypeKit so I can pick out a font that's appropriate for the aesthetic feel of the game) and I've learned some new skills: specifically, object styles and new text variables. Those last two things, it turns out, remove about 90 percent of the work I did last time I wanted to update the cards.

Learning new skills in InDesign is so exciting! This program is, like, one of my favorite things and I hope that I can find work using it a lot more often.