I had a panic attack today and had to leave a class early, which was a bummer, but I'm pretty happy with how I handled it -- mainly, with a whole bunch of self-care stuff. I cleaned my room, finally went and got the drawers that should be in my room from the closet, and got a tray to put under my leaky humidifier so I could start using it again. I also took a shower, brushed my teeth and shaved, and switched the parts of my wardrobe that were dirty today for clean clothes.

Now I feel like I'm in a kinda weird space where I feel better, but I also feel like it would only take a small push to be definitely not better again. I have more stuff to do later tonight, so I'm trying to keep up on feeling okay.

This blog post is part of that, because I think it helps to be a little bit about my mental experiences, and it will definitely help to know I don't have to worry about blogging later.