LGBTQIAAP+ Health insurance

I spent about an hour tonight talking to one of my modmates about insurance -- specifically, about the hypothetical priorities of a hypothetical insurance company that primarily focused on the healthcare needs of LGBTQIAAP+ people, as well as mentally ill and neurodivergent people. 

Our first priority -- the first thought that led into the conversation -- was that the people who pick up the phone should be trained to be conscious of, and sensitive to, the needs of mentally ill, neurodivergent, and LGBTQIAAP+ callers. That means getting pronouns right, having the skills to help depressed or anxious people through difficult conversations, and just generally knowing what they're talking about.

It's always kind of infuriated me that the people who answer the phones at health insurance companies aren't equipped to handle people calling when they have mental illnesses. Like, these are the people whose job is to facilitate my getting treatment, and they are some of the most triggering people to call in terms of anxiety spirals.

We spread out into a ton of different topics, and have arrived at the point where we honestly want to do a little research and see how possible this idea is. (So we can write up a proposal and shove it into the hands of someone who has the time and expertise to do it.)