I found my scarf!

Last week, on Monday, I misplaced my scarf. I assumed I had put it in my room and thought it was downstairs, or put it downstairs and thought it was in my room. But it didn't turn up.

I really like this scarf. It's a mustard yellow infinity scarf, and I bought it at the same time a good friend of mine bought hers, a pink one of the same kind. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. It's also the only scarf I brought with me to Hampshire and it's been cold as heck lately.

By Tuesday I had figured out that I had probably left it in my Narrative Frustration class, and resolved to get in touch with somebody about finding out where their lost and found was. The next time that class met was on Wednesday, and on Wednesday, I ... forgot about it.

I went the rest of the week without the scarf, basically failing to devote enough mental and emotional energy to it at any given point to reach out and ask someone where I should be looking for it.

Today, Narrative Frustration met again. I had forgotten again, too, since it was pretty warm out. But as I was leaving class, I noticed that it was sitting on a desk by the door, presumably having been piled there among other misplaced objects. I grabbed it, and headed back to my room, now a bit too warm around the neck because it's weirdly warm out today. (Or, not weirdly, because climate change, but still. It's Massachusetts, in February.)