I didn't get out of bed today!

Man, I did so many cool things this weekend, and I really wish I had the cognitive presence to talk about them. But today, I wasn't able to get out of bed.

Last night, after I got back from a play, I felt awful. I had been feeling increasingly awful for several days, but I didn't want to cancel my plans -- and I'm really glad I didn't, because on certain psychological and social levels I haven't felt this good in months. But physically, I was borderline-dizzy and I had a splitting headache, and I went to take my pills --

And I figured out that I'd been taking them wrong for I don't know how long.

Probably like a week. Maybe just a few days, I don't know. But at some point, I mixed up my Clonidine and my Hydrochlorothiazide and forgot they were two different pills. They're very similar looking, and I've had two or three different shaped kinds of clonidine in the time I've been taking it. I assumed it was just a different generic.

So, I either haven't been taking my anxiety meds (which are also a blood pressure med, meaning they cause massive blood pressure spikes when you go off them -- which explains the debilitating heart-throbbing pain), or haven't been taking my vertigo meds (which would explain the vertigo, and which also have that relationship to blood pressure). AND, on any given day, I was either taking way too many of the vertigo meds, or not nearly enough of the anxiety meds.

I recorded a video about it, then went to bed, and at 3 a.m. I went to the bathroom and collapsed on the floor. Luckily it was a relatively light vertigo-based collapse: I was only stuck on the floor for about 10 minutes before I could crawl my way back up and to my room, and I didn't throw up.

I've gone from about 3 percent functional this morning to, finally, now, about 40 percent, which means I'll hopefully be able to go to class in the morning.

And I wouldn't be nearly this well-off now if my modmates hadn't been amazingly supportive and helpful -- a couple of them went and picked up my meds, one of which I unwittingly had nearly run out of -- so I'm back on my actual perscription dosage now, and later when they were at the grocery store they picked me up a couple grapefruits, which were amazing and they were probably the healthiest things I've eaten in a month.

My headaches have gone from constant pain to pressure with occasional stabbings for flavor, and I haven't at any point today started to feel more nauseous or more dizzy, so I'm immensely optimistic about my recovery.

I need a shower, though. I'm going to leave that off till tomorrow -- cause, y'know, collapsing.