Water: Important? Or internet conspiracy?

I hear all the time that drinking more water is important to everybody's health. That most people are dehydrated most of the time. That drinking things other than water is basically the same as not drinking at all.

I also hear all the time that those claims are exaggerated, or outright bunk. That there's no real research defending the "eight glasses a day" thing or that people inevitably drink enough water anyway.

The thing is, maybe it's true that neurotypical people tend to drink enough water, whether or not they're prodded to. But I think dehydration may be a major side-effect of my executive dysfunction: I tend to forget completely about drinking water for days on end. 

And lately I've been feeling guilty when I think about it, when I try and push myself to drink more water. Like I've been taken in by some big internet conspiracy and I should be smarter than that. 

I'm not sure I have anywhere to go with this. I do think it's important to call out bad science, and to exercise habits of self-scrutiny and to be flexible in behavior. But sometimes even if a belief is based on a false narrative, dropping that narrative isn't a real option. I really need my brain to arbitrarily prioritize water drinking because my body's "I'm thirsty" signals don't translate into action for me.