Charles Stross, "Playtime is over"

Charles Stross's latest post, "Playtime is over," terrifies me. In it, he talks about how he underestimated how badly the conservative reactionaries in the US could overreact to an unresponsive government. 

But that's not the really pertinent part: he lays out how what's happening in the US is part of a global trend towards fascism in Western governments that's sponsored by Russia.

I strongly recommend reading the whole post, but at least check out this part:

A few years ago, wandering around the net, I stumbled on a page titled "Why Japan lost the Second World War". [...] It held two photographs. The first was a map of the Pacific Theater used by the Japanese General Staff. It extended from Sakhalin in the north to Australia in the south, from what we now call Bangladesh in the west, to Hawaii in the east. The second photograph was the map of the war in the White House. A Mercator projection showing the entire planet. And the juxtaposition explained in one striking visual exactly why the Japanese military adventure against the United States was doomed from the outset: they weren't even aware of the true size of the battleground.
I'd like you to imagine what it must have been like to be a Japanese staff officer. Because that's where we're standing today. We think we're fighting local battles against Brexit or Trumpism. But in actuality, they're local fronts in a global war. And we're losing because we can barely understand how big the conflict is.

[Emphasis mine]