Unanticipated colors (specifically, white)

Yesterday's post, which is a series of transparent images on top of the yellowish background of my website, reveals some design carelessness on my part. The stroke on the T in HOT, the blades in SHARP, and the curves in WET all show bits of white where they should be transparent.  SHARP, in particular, has white lines that continue off the spot where they clearly should end, making it obvious that I didn't anticipate that ever showing up that way.

I could have been more thorough, making sure it worked on different backgrounds, fully cutting away those pieces of lines instead of just using blocks of white that would be invisible on white backgrounds. I could have put a colored background behind the graphics so that I could arrange for those bits of white to work nicely even when they weren't on a white background.

Those kinds of oversights annoy the hell out of me, and they represent a major difference between Illustrator and InDesign (the latter of which is where I usually work) as they deal with white.