So stock art is a thing

I watched two two-hour long recordings of livestreams today, about Adobe Stock. Specifically, about the mechanics of putting your own content up for sale as stock through Adobe Stock. And it seemed like a pretty good idea -- because I spend, like, arguably too much time dicking around with Adobe products, and if I can sell the outcome of that dicking around, I pretty much definitely should, right?

I just submitted my first piece to Adobe Stock for possible sale -- I made a 2017 calendar, because according to a list in the first video calendars are one of the things they need. Here's the preview image that goes with the Illustrator file:

I'm really happy about discovering this, because a lot of the time I really want to do some kind of creating, but I can't think of anything that I actually need to work on. This will be great for that -- I can just make generic stock content, then I get to satisfy my desire to goof off with cool aesthetic technology for profit!

(Btw if you decide to watch that, you can set the YouTube video to play faster. I watched it at 1.5x because almost nobody who makes informational content talks fast enough for my comfort.)