I've finally made myself start a vlog

Okay, here's the thing: This was easier than I thought it was going to be. 

I started with a list of points along a topic (Reasons I'm scared to start my vlog) and then I started recording. I used my work study's camera and mic, and dumped it all onto my external hard drive. Then I cut it together over the course of about an hour, went to a club meeting, then put in titles and exported it when I got back. It's literally doable within a day, when it's not the only thing I do that day.

And there are parts of it I'm not happy with, but they're things that I couldn't possibly have anticipated. Like, the color looks awful, but I didn't even think to worry about that until after I'd uploaded it; the sound isn't fantastic, but I tried a quick filter on the sound and that seemed kinda worse? So I went with the original, because I hadn't cut with the edited sound in mind. Future reference, sound editing comes before video editing.

I'm committing to 20 videos, 2 a week through December 21. I'm aiming for Saturday and Wednesday.

You can follow me at https://www.youtube.com/txwatson, and if you enjoy the video don't forget to like and subscribe. (Seriously, getting likes and subscriptions would mean the world to me.)