I bought some fruit

I bought a whole bunch of fruit today. I was driving home from Amherst after buying one of my course textbooks, and I couldn't stop thinking about ice cream. I ate a ton of ice cream last semester, and I've sort of made an informal promise to myself to try to not have any this semester. It felt really important to not give into that at the moment, but it also really felt like I wouldn't be able to move past that thought without doing something, so I went to the grocery store by Hampshire and bought a bunch of fruit and some vegetables.

I ate a whole pineapple when I got home, and I've had a bunch of grapes. 

On my daily self care survey, I define two kinds of self-harm: "With food" and "With money." I think I can fairly say that I avoided self-harm with food today, but I can't decide whether or not this counts as a form of self-harm with money. 

I am having a complicated day, emotionally.