Picking up writing again

Yesterday I listened to an episode of Writing Excuses, a podcast for people who want to be writers. In it they talked about how easy it is to get into a habit of not writing. I've been in one of those habits for too long now: it's been probably six to nine months since I've written any significant piece of fiction.

The main point of the episode was that the only way to break the habit is to start doing it again. They called it one of Newton's laws of writing: a wordcount in motion tends to stay in motion; a wordcount at rest tends to stay at rest. 

When I've tried to start writing again over the last couple months, my brain trips and snags over characters and plots, unable to get a grip and hang on. So I'm trying a different approach: I'm just going to write every night. A few hundred words, connected to the previous day's or not, until it stops feeling impossible to write a coherent story.

(I really need to get started on this because I have a fiction writing class that starts tomorrow.)