Anxiety and freelancing

I talked to my therapist today about finding work, and one of the things we discussed was disclosing mental illness. I know I'm not alone in having a ton of fear surrounding being honest about having mental illness with employers or clients -- it's one of the things that makes this blog a bit of a challenge, knowing that someone who might hire me could look at the last four posts and see that I'm in the middle of fighting off a depressive episode. 

But I think it's possible, on the other hand, that it could be an asset, for certain clients. Other people who need creative work done, who want to work with someone who understands mental illness and who can build a rapport that feels safe in acknowledging the consequences of mental illness on working life. 

I was thinking about presenting myself, not quite as "The Anxious Copywriter," but, you know, with my mental illness up front, not just something I'm honest about if it comes up point blank. I feel like there's a good chance it'll cut a lot of the anxiety out of my work.

I also think I might move the blog page so it's not the landing page on my website, in case of terrible recent posts.