Solarpunk: an introduction: a pamphlet; redux

I turned in a copy of my solarpunk pamphlet in the Aesthetics of Social Engagement today, and got a whole ton of feedback, which I will now be incorporating into a second draft.

First of all, apparently it reads less like an introduction than a manifesto. After hearing and responding to several classmates' and the professor's thoughts, I've decided that it may be worth dialing back the amount of politics that are laid out in any substantial detail in the pamphlet, making room for (a.) illustrations, (b.) a little more about the aesthetics and how people can participate, and (c.) a sense of welcomeness that is kind of annihilated by the wall of political text currently in the pamphlet.

I think I'm going to split off a lot of the extra material onto the web, maybe work with Faith on a "New to Solarpunk" hub on the Solarpunk Press website.