Easy and affordable* laser cutter

*it's not actually affordable, like, for me. Why do even the cheap awesome things have to be so expensive?

The Glowforge is a laser cutter, currently pre-orderable at a price of $2000, that is designed to be, like, absurdly easy to use. You can literally just draw on a material and tell the laser to cut along your lines, and it does. You can make the schematics in loads of different programs, not just the extremely difficult to learn and use programs associated with laser cutters of the past.

It mainly works via cloud service: the very difficult computation is done off-site by a supercomputer. 

I want this, and a 3D printer, and all of the other cool things that are coming out this decade. I'm super looking forward to the hypothetical version of the future in which I have the disposable income to buy awesome toys like this.