reflections on my bedroom

I'm slightly unsettled by how at-home I feel in my room right now. 

It's a dorm room. It's about 80 square feet. The only illumination is my laptop, sitting on my bed, and from where I'm laying I can see the vague outline of my desk, covered in neat piles of stuff, the laundry basket filled with clothes just to the side of that, the window with a small window fan in it, the wooden rod with all my jackets hanging from it. 

This space is very small, but it's not the smallest space I've ever lived in. I'm in a mod with 5 other people but it's not the most densely crowded home I've ever lived in. 

And, vitally, this place is entirely under my power.

I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of things I'm not allowed to do -- throw out the bed, dismantle the fire alarm, remove the screen from the window -- but there's nothing on that list that's stuff I'd want to do, anyway.

Nobody else's stuff is in here. I came in and the room was bare. Every surface and drawer was just waiting for me to fill it with the things I wanted to be there. There's nothing in this room anyone else can reasonably expect access to. There's nothing that's taking up space that I don't want here, and nothing that I couldn't get rid of if I wanted to.

To be honest the biggest take-away I'm getting from this living experience so far is that I'd probably be really comfortable in a studio apartment. Which is good, because as my program of study gets more and more esoteric and based in less and less things-people-get-paid-for, it's becoming more and more likely that I'll have to be comfortable living in a pretty small space for a very long time.