Insurance sucks

I payed over $200 for a bottle of pills today. Consequently, I am frustrated.

In light of the Affordable Care Act, I feel acutely conscious of the territory on either side of my current healthcare status: how things could be worse, and how things could be better.

I could be uninsured, be unable to afford my medications, be unable to hold a job as a consequence of unmedicated mental illness, be unable to work my way toward the financial stability to buy medication.

Or, I could be living in a country that let patents end on drugs at a reasonable time, and that required insurance companies to give equal coverage to the different drugs patients are prescribed. I could be living under a system where I don't have to buy three times as many pills because the 150mg pill is generic but the 450mg pill is still under patent.  Where I'm not covered far less under insurance for that medication than I am for others, because it's a popular smoking cessation drug, even though I'm not a smoker and have never been a smoker. 

I'm continually frustrated, infuriated, enraged at the fact that the system by which I pursue help for my fucking anxiety disorder is by far the most anxiety-triggering system I engage with.