Bernie Sanders in NH

I went to the Salem NH Bernie Sanders town hall meeting yesterday. Apparently it was his biggest town hall meeting so far; they filled two overflow rooms -- a cafeteria and a spare gym -- after filling the larger main gym the event was officially in.

I accidentally talked to a journalist after (you know that feeling when somebody's just being so damn obnoxiously wrong next to you that you're just itching to butt in? Well, that happened and then the guy asked me a question.) and tbh I was pretty proud of my responses. In particular, about whether minimum-wage workers deserve $15/hr, I pointed out the MIT reports on living wages (I said Harvard, actually -- I knew it was one of the two) which quote the living wage for NH at about 11.50 (I said about 11) which plus inflation makes $15 reasonable for a living wage across several years, which is the point of Bernie's plan. And about whether the labor was worth that much, I said if a corporation wants to pay a person to stand still and stare at a beach ball for 40 hours a week, they should pay them enough money to survive by doing it; corporations that can't function if they can't pay a living wage are failed corporations.

I said a bunch of other stuff, too. I haven't seen the interview go online anywhere, I think there's a fair chance he isn't going to use it. (I also criticized his flipping of grammar from "Greedy billionaires..." to "Billionaires are greedy" to criticize Bernie's generalization -- which was a fun brief lesson on syntax and logic that probably wouldn't make good TV.)

Overall the main take-aways from the night were: I was glad to see Bernie say out loud a bunch of stuff I assumed he believed; There were some specific statistics I'm glad I heard, like that the US has the highest rate of childhood poverty among industrialized countries; and it's annoying how oversimplified political speeches by necessity have to be. I frequently wished he was giving the presentation with a powerpoint so he could show accompanying graphs and citations.