Meditative listmaking

I've been working on a great big spreadsheet list of absolutely everything I'm planning on bringing to Hampshire when I leave. It's pretty extremely detailed: like, there are separate entries for my wacom tablet, its cord, its pen, and its spare pen nibs. There are two Aux cables on the list, identified by description, and assigned to different overall categories of things. Clothes and medications both get their own references to additional spreadsheets, and I came up with a sizing system for approximating the size of everything I own.

(It's 1-5: 1 = could forget it in your pocket, 2 = could forget it in your bag, 3 = could lose it in a clutter, 4 = hard to miss, 5 = hard to carry.)

I'm doing this because I can't actually start packing yet. It's not quite close enough to start making my things inaccessible to me, and I haven't got quite the set of boxes I need. But I feel constantly like I need to be doing things, toward the end of leaving.

It doesn't just feel like moving out. It feels like attempting to find a way to build a space in which I can optimally absorb a torrent of information that exceeds my past experience, without having a breakdown.

I have no idea how hard Hampshire is going to be. I do know that my course descriptions don't exactly fall in the bubble of comfort that I know I can approach with near-perfect competence.