Blog accessibility: Color blindness

I spent a lot of time thinking through the color scheme of this new site. The yellow text in particular, I worried might be difficult to see. (I ended up going with a darker yellow for the text than I used in the banner at the top -- which worked out, because it's more legible, and it kinda ended up looking like it was the same yellow, rather than a much lighter one. Eff yeah color theory.)

But it only just occurred to me today that I hadn't actually checked to make sure that the site was readable for people with color blindness. (Which is a little embarrassing, especially because I didn't think of it yesterday while I was watching, with great interest, this YouTube video by a color blind artist about how he uses various tools to paint in colors he can't distinguish.)

I used the chrome extension I want to see like the colour blind, and it looks to me like all the page elements are pretty much as visible in any given type of color blindness as they are as I see them.

Here's a gallery of the different front pages:

Let me know if there are things on the site you can't read or see, or if there are other accessibility problems. (I'm not sure whether I correctly figured out alt text or not, so if any blind readers are having trouble with these images' descriptions, let me know.)