I've joined the Amazon Affiliate Program

Well, sort of. I still have to be approved. But, anyway, I want to talk about why.

First of all: because I live under the weight of capitalism and we all have to make compromises to survive in a system that is prepared to imprison or starve us if we don't generate value for capitalists. 

Least of all: because I actually kinda like Amazon and don't mind too much sending them a little extra traffic. 

But for the important reason: I expect it'll motivate me to produce better content.

I read a lot of books, watch a lot of TV and movies, listen to a nonzero amount of music and purchasable audio products. I also use products, often products that I purchased on Amazon, or that at least can be purchased on Amazon.

I have thoughts on many of these things. Often extremely detailed, well-formed thoughts. But I don't often write them down, and when I do it's not always to the best of my ability. There are a lot of things I'm really enthusiastic about, that I want to gush about for days. I often don't.

I think that in those cases, rather than compromising my integrity, a financial motive to write the best, most convincing posts about that content is right in line with my objective.

A financial motive to blog about content also softly encourages me not to write about things I don't like, which is probably good for me.

I will do my best to stay conscious of these influences, and to avoid the perverse incentives that might be created: to encourage people to buy things they can't afford or wouldn't personally benefit from; to fail to identify important criticisms of content I'm mostly positive about; to fail to criticize content that's seriously worthy of critical attention; and so on.

Feedback on this decision is welcome.