Switching to Squarespace

y'all might have noticed some slight changes to the blog layout today. I've been having some problems with Wordpress, and I've gotten fed up with it, so this weekend I started the process of switching to Squarespace. So, welcome to T.X. Watson's Blog-shaped thing: now in a square-shaped space.

As of writing, I'm not finished -- but it's 11:30 on a Monday, so fuck it, I'm getting my blogging done today even if it takes the rest of the week to make it visible.

I was up till 5 a.m. last night trying to get this to work. Then I worked on it again, starting at 9 and running till about 3. Then I picked it up again for a few hours at the end of the night, when I had another idea. 

During this process, I learned more than I expected I'd have to about web hosting, MySQL, FTP, Wordpress, Squarespace, and the limits of my patience as they relate to my fear of losing several years of blog posts again.

One of the unexpected upsides of all this being, I might be able to recover the lost archives from pre-summer-2013! Not now, though, because (a.) I'm tired, (b.) the version of Wordpress they come from is older so it might not be as easy as this was, and (c.) I don't think I want to spend the week before Readercon dealing emotionally with the sudden publication of a reflection of my identity from my early 20s.

This blog is incredibly important to me, and losing it in 2013 did a lot of damage. Yesterday and today have been terrifying, but I'm glad that I'm not going to have to go through that again.

If you're a regular reader and you notice anything missing or wrong with the blog as it exists now, let me know. I'll try and repair everything I can, but I can't go through it all looking for fidelity to a remembered website.