Managing creative energy

So, I've got a few balls in the air when it comes to projects and organizations right now. This is before I start school, in a little over a month. And I'm coming up against a problem I've had before, but it's starting to feel like it actually matters now because people are paying attention to some of them.

I don't have any particularly established approach to balancing the creative energy I invest in any of these projects. Like, this week Solarpunk Press has gotten a ton of my attention, but my blog posts here have been mostly kind of terrible, and I've been running Watson's Solarpunk on autopilot. The Interstitial Arts Foundation Tumblr is still running exactly the way it did before Readercon, and I've got that mentally on the back burner until I hear from other people who are also getting involved, but I could probably be doing at least a little more to get that going. And I've done exactly one afternoon's worth of work on the NECC Observer staff handbook in the past month.

I want all these things to go well. I don't want any of them to go neglected or fade into obscurity. But they carry different impressions of apparent urgency in my mind, and different levels of task clarity. Solarpunk Press is easy: it's highly urgent, it's all my responsibility (shared with my co-editor, but there's more than enough for both of us to be busy all the time) and it's extremely specific in its tasks so I never have to sit down and brainstorm what I want to do to produce something of worth with it.

Here, on the other hand -- yeah, I'm the only one doing it, but I'm also the only one who suffers if it doesn't get done. And I don't even really suffer. I don't want my blog to start missing updates, but I don't really need it to drive a lot of traffic, either. I've been meaning to start doing Amazon Affiliate linked reviews of books, but again, I'm the only one who benefits from that so it's entirely within my moral power to ignore it. And every day, every post is a whole new type of content. Yesterday was about my personal life. The day before that was a TV show review. The day before that was about Solarpunk Press. And so on. Topics don't always leap to mind like they have today, and even when they do, they don't always flow this easily.

I don't know what to do about this. But it's a problem that's floated to mind a lot, especially since I started Watson's Solarpunk, which drew a lot of my most thoughtful posts away from here. For now I think I'm going to keep going as I'm going, but I'm aware that this is a problem, and if it gets worse I may need to pursue some sort of system change.