Today hurt

Did you know that back pain doesn't generally start when you injure your back? Apparently, instead, it starts several hours later, apparently for no reason at all!

Speaking of back pain, I spent a fair chunk of last night, and all of today, in excruciating pain. Or, to be totally fair, often only in a little pain, but in excruciating pain whenever I moved wrong.

I spent about a half an hour last night crawling to the kitchen to get painkillers, then crawling back to bed; this morning, after a few hours, and better painkillers, I could walk. It turns out walking and laying down are both better for back pain than sitting, so I stood up to work for as long as I could manage it before going back to bed.

I actually got a lot done today, for Solarpunk Press. Mainly background stuff -- we finally have a nice, neat spreadsheet for keeping track of our money. And I responded to a comment, and sent an email. (Eff yeah productivity.) (The spreadsheet was honestly like 2 hours.)

And now, I'm going to try my hardest to sleep, because every time I sleep I get to skip over eight hours of pain and get that much closer to when my tailbone stops feeling like someone's been hired to kick it as hard as they can every two hours.