financial frustrations

Did anyone else know that hotels can keep a hold on your money to pay for the room, after they've charged you for the room, functionally creating a state in your bank account that resembles having paid twice as much for the room as you did?

So -- yeah. I'm broke until that stops happening. My bank says they're allowed to do it for up to 7 days.

I'm not even sure who to be frustrated with, here. Like, obviously not anyone I spoke to about the problem. The people who answer the phone at my bank and the hotel aren't responsible for these policies. They probably don't even have access to systems that would allow them to fix this. (The bank very clearly said they don't release holds on money on request, which makes a lot of sense.)

I just, like, can't conceptualize why anyone ever thought this was an acceptable way to manage this issue? Like, fine, keep the hold on my money till you're absolutely sure you're not gonna charge for damages. But don't charge me for the room and leave the hold in place. Some of us are dirt poor and don't want to live in a state of temporary negative bank balance while you let your six-day egg timer run down.

Eh. I'm tired. Smash capitalism. -Watson