cost of living

You know what's kind of messed up? Food costs money. Like, it's stuff you need to survive. You need to eat food pretty much every day. Your ability to function as a human being is kind of contingent upon your ability to eat enough food -- the right foods, in the right proportions -- literally every day. If you don't eat food for a day, your effectiveness that day is catastrophically diminished. If you don't eat food for several days, pretty soon you get sick, then die. But still, food costs money. Not, like, some food costs money. Or extra food costs money. Or fancy/complicated/rare food costs money. Literally just about all food. Systems for distributing free food are catastrophically inadequate to provide for even their communities, and not all communities have them. 

There's something seriously, deeply fucked up about that. I know this is problems-with-capitalism 101 but I can't get over it right now. Probably because I'm hungry.